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"I've just spent 5 days with Andy as I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD, OCD, and Borderline Personality Disorder and so far I'm feeling sooooo much better...more here

...you're doing such great things! I can't imagine how I managed my life without EFT and PSTec and that, dear Andy, is all thanks to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart :)  Amanda (Bristol)

This will be a long review, but it will be thorough on my part, please read it if deciding whether to visit Mr Eckley...more here Paul (London)

......I want to write this for anyone who might see it, for anyone who like me was cynical, hurt, un-trusting, scared - Just do it! Go to Andy!  because having done it I can tell you after seeing G.P.'s therapists etc he is the dogs *******, He and his therapy are not too good to be true...only TOO GOOD TO BE MISSED!!!!
Thanks again Andy, warmest wishes and thanks,
Daniel. (Oxford)...more here

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The Eckley Technique

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Terms & Conditions

Please Note: We offer you help in the understanding that there is no guarantees of a cure, as a guarantee is impossible to claim, and is indeed not allowed under UK advertising rules... read more

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Welcome to PTSD Help & Advice...

 Are you a combat veteran, work in the emergency services or have suffered abuse?
If yes, then I'm here to help you with "The ECKLEY Technique"

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Do you suffer from Combat stress, PTSD, Anxiety, Suicidal thoughts, Survivor guilt, Anger, Panic attacks, Flashbacks, Guilt, Depression, Dissociation, Fears etc.

 iStock_000018767892XSmallIf yes, then the information you'll find here is crucial in getting relief - you're within touching distance of the help you need, not just coping strategies but real help gently clearing your symptoms.

iStock_000018767892XSmallAlthough I mention PTSD a lot don't be put off if you think you don't have full-scale post traumatic stress, or are yet to be diagnosed as my stunning technique will work wonders for your specific anxiety if your symptoms are shown here

 iStock_000018767892XSmallI have spectacular results removing the overwhelming emotion and fears behind traumatic memories. A key and important part of my help for you involves removing any dissociation which stops a lot of therapists in their tracks.

iStock_000018767892XSmall The first thing I need you to do is to click on the online test so that I can understand your issues and how I can help you. I will analyse your answers then if I think I can help you I will send you an email within a few days to invite you to book your FREE Skype/Phone consultation.

iStock_000018767892XSmallI have phenomenal success using a new and powerful method for stopping your triggers with PSTEC - in fact its extremely reliable because Tim Phizackerley created an audio system where people listen intently to an audio at the same time as following the rhythm of a complicated click track - what this does is bypass the critical factor (that negative voice that stops everyone in their tracks!) Your critical factor stops you learning something new and more importantly stops you having hope that there's some way to help your issues/problems outside your current knowledge.

iStock_000018767892XSmall EFT (Emotional freedom) combined with PSTEC (hypnotherapy) Clinical hypnosis, Time-line therapy and advanced counselling work with your intent to bring about deep changes during your sessions... We will aim to clear your trauma capsule created at the time of your traumatic events causing your PTSD - all you need is to commit 100% to your future Phone today

From: Daniel (Thu 22nd Mar 2012 at 16:29)

Hello Andy,
I just wanted to do two things,first of all to thank you so much for helping me overcome all the pain,loss and utter grief that has paralysed me for years- I know for sure that I could not have made it through without your persistence and support, and secondly to encourage others to trust you and to go and see you for help if they were anything like me.... read more

From: Amanda (Sat 18th Feb 2012 at 06:54)
I had the privilege of spending 5 days with Andy Eckley very recently. We had a lot of work to do in a relatively short space of time. Until we did my timeline which spanned 39 years I knew I had PTSD but was still confused why at times it was still so debilitating.I soon found out!! We worked hard, used Click tracks, which I can't recommend highly enough but my favourite part was "Bear" work with the EFT Tapping Bears. I know it sounds like I was having way too much fun, and yes I did mostly enjoy the process but it wasn't all plain sailing!!... read more

From: Norman (Mon 16th Apr 2012 at 09:34)

I have suffered with PTSD now for many years now and have tried many of the National Health treatments, with no real success. I found Andy's details following a Google search and carried out his simple test. I was booked in for a 5 day treatment and a 2 day follow up, which I still have to come. We covered what needed to be done in three days. I now feel fantastic and have done so now since I completed my 3 days... read more

From: Anonymous (Mon 4th Mar 2013 at 02:53)

Andy's techniques have changed my life. Three months ago, I was a completely different person. I would wake up every day and feel sad or depressed about my life and how some aspect of it wasn't the way I wanted. Now, none of those things that used to bother me still have any effect on my state. It's a great feeling to start every day feeling confident and upbeat. I can't imagine going back to what I used to be like... read more

From: Paul (Mon 26th Mar 2012 at 00:06)
I was evidently in for the biggest surprise of my life- my symptoms reduced massively in 5 days, I was sleeping, the flashbacks and nightmares all gone…the list of symptomology reduction goes on. In just 5 days, it felt like my own inner “Berlin Wall” had collapsed. Mr Eckley kept testing the results I was achieving to make sure it was real, and gradually I began to realize that all the tools he had been helping me to learn were practically ridding me of these emotional triggers and traumas and that I could not really explain this fact away. He was calm, gentle and sensitive: in therapy, I can only say he was a Master!... read more

From: Daniel (Thu 22nd Mar 2012 at 16:29)

I want to write this for anyone who might see it, for anyone who like me was cynical, hurt, un-trusting, scared and unbelieving of the material and claims you make on the website. Just do it! Go to Andy! don't give in or up, and stop thinking even for a second that he is either unqualified, mad or bad, because having done it I can tell you after seeing G.P.'s therapists etc... he is the dogs *******, he knows how to help you and can do it faster than you can possibly accept or imagine, He and his therapy are not too good to be true...only TOO GOOD TO BE MISSED!!!!
Thanks again Andy, warmest wishes and thanks,


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