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"I've just spent 5 days with Andy as I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD, OCD, and Borderline Personality Disorder and so far I'm feeling sooooo much better...more here

...you're doing such great things! I can't imagine how I managed my life without EFT and PSTec and that, dear Andy, is all thanks to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart :)  Amanda (Bristol)

This will be a long review, but it will be thorough on my part, please read it if deciding whether to visit Mr Eckley...more here Paul (London)

......I want to write this for anyone who might see it, for anyone who like me was cynical, hurt, un-trusting, scared - Just do it! Go to Andy!  because having done it I can tell you after seeing G.P.'s therapists etc he is the dogs *******, He and his therapy are not too good to be true...only TOO GOOD TO BE MISSED!!!!
Thanks again Andy, warmest wishes and thanks,
Daniel. (Oxford)...more here

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The Eckley Technique

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Terms & Conditions

Please Note: We offer you help in the understanding that there is no guarantees of a cure, as a guarantee is impossible to claim, and is indeed not allowed under UK advertising rules... read more

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PTSD Symptoms

Below are the three main groups of symptoms associated with PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder)

Hyper-arousal symptoms

  • Having a difficult time falling or staying asleep.
  • Feeling irritable or often having outbursts of anger.
  • Having difficulty concentrating.
  • Feeling constantly "on guard" or feel afraid that danger is around every corner.
  • Feeling"jumpy" easily startled.

Re-experiencing symptoms

  • Frequently having thoughts or memories about a traumatic event.
  • Having recurrent nightmares.
  • Acting or feeling as though the traumatic event were happening again, sometimes called a "flashback."
  • Having strong feelings of fear when reminded of the traumatic event.
  • Being physically responsive to reminders of your traumatic events, such as experiencing a surge in adrenaline resulting in increased heart rate and sweating.

Avoidance symptoms

  • Avoiding thoughts, memories of your traumatic events.
  • Avoiding people, places that remind you of your traumatic memories.
  • Having trouble remembering the events (blocking them out).
  • Feeling detached from others.
  • Feeling that others don't understand your fears & anxiety.
  • Having difficulty feeling loving towards others.

If you have some or even all of these symptoms then I can help you clear them all. You will have to follow my protocol and download a PTSD Toolkit and put daily effort into your future, It may be hard work as we will have to find and clear all your traumatic memories, there will be ups and downs, but together we can get you free from your PTSD.

" I understand that it may be hard for you to believe that help is now at hand and not just helping you with coping strategies but REAL HELP!  You may have been told a lot of things that are now out of date and indeed times have moved on. NOW permanently clearing your PTSD symptoms is SAFE, FAST with RELIABLE RESULTS with my astoundingly sucessful PTSD Toolkits"...Andy Eckley Creator PTSD Toolkits. 


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