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Firstly, i'll just say that ever since i started this sort of treatment i no longer have that fear, self-blame, and hopelessness i felt since i was a child to adolescent years. I had PTSD symptoms for so long and it didn't help that i was also asthmatic and often bullied in school for being different.Though it's no longer that case in my current school. But even then all of the bad memories i had eventually turned into my nightmare/s or flashbacks whenever it was triggered. My parents may not believe me but i know myself, the emotional scars i had would remind me that in the real world no one can be trusted, except for few and i'm worthless as far as a sibling of mine is concerned. So i started to search for a therapist or psychiatrist that could help me out, I've been searching for one in my country but there's only few of them here and most of them are live in a different country. That's when i started to search online, after so many years i finally found a therapist Andy Eckley that could help me out with this many complicated emotions i kept in bay. There's not much to fear when you realize that all of those unpleasant memories were in the past and there's still something worth living for in life.
-Thanks a lot Andy,


I am writing this a couple of months after a whole day intense session with Andy. I didn't want to see a man and felt so nervous but he was easy to talk to and I felt safe throughout.I am a practitioner myself and have gained much relief from my PTSD and the events which caused it. Whatever I tried I would end up every few months having a crisis and facing hospital . This time nothing I tried worked my life collapsed and then I was told that Andy was the Top man. He has managed to completely rid me of nearly all symtoms. No flashbacks. No dissociation No nightmares No other me's to deal with - it still fells a little strange , but in a good way. My life has moved on so much and I feel whole and in control. I am truly free of the nightmare my life was before , it's as if those things happened to someone else and are of no concern anymore. I am no longer scared to move forward and succeed to be the amazing person I always knew that I would be if I could rise above my past and be free. I thank Andy so much and encourage any reading this to book a session you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.


I have suffered with PTSD now for many years now and have tried many of the National Health treatments, with no real success. I found Andy's details following a Google search and carried out his simple test. I was booked in for a 5 day treatment and a 2 day follow up, which I still have to come. We covered what needed to be done in three days. I now feel fantastic and have done so now since I completed my 3 days which was 5 days ago. I dont live in the area so I stayed at The Langdales Hotel, which is about a 5 minute walk to Andys premises. This was a great location and the staff there were very understanding.
Andy is very understanding and makes you feel relaxed with the systems he uses. I found having with treatment condensed into consecutive days, really helped to deal with my demons.
I feel Great and many thanks.
Foe anyone reading this and also suffering, then don't, it is your life, get it back. Andy offers a full money back guarantee, where can you go wrong. Thanks


Andy's techniques have changed my life. Three months ago, I was a completely different person. I would wake up every day and feel sad or depressed about my life and how some aspect of it wasn't the way I wanted. Now, none of those things that used to bother me still have any effect on my state. It's a great feeling to start every day feeling confident and upbeat. I can't imagine going back to what I used to be like.

For people who get a session with Andy, ask him about all the different techniques he knows and try them for yourself. See what works for you! He knows so much and if one method doesn't work, it's very certain that another will help resolve and heal your issues.


Note From Andy Eckley

Norman's case was interesting in that as a Police Officer he was exposed to some traumatic sights and incidents which left him suffering with PTSD - luckily he was brave enough to ask for help, but how many other emergency workers have severe trauma from their working lives and yet suffer without knowing help is available - if you are one of these people ask me for help - My clearing programme worked for Norman and it will work for you.

I went to see Andy some time ago but didn’t want to put any personal details out there on the net, but my friend has said I should- to let others know what it’s like. My pal gave me the courage to contact Andy by email. I was depressed, had made a serious attempt at suicide some years ago, and was really close to that again - a crisis. I had no job, no marriage,no interests and my life was like this for over 10 years. I could not go out of the house, as I was agoraphobic and conscious of my weight issues. Oversimplified but to give you some idea of how it went-Andy helped me find out the causes of it all and aided me by remove them as problems. We talked, did a very detailed time- line of all my phobias,connected issues and traumas and this prepared me to start talking about and working on loads of personal stuff that I’m too embarrassed to put here and which I'd blocked off. It was for me, just like some surgery but without the knife or overwhelming pain or stay ib hospital. The whole visit was strangely relaxed, not at all tense and stressful-which is what I imagined it would be like. We got to this in a few days! Sometimes the experience was quite humorous especially when working on my food cravings/addiction and when I was upset at all I felt things were o.k., just like others have said on here before. Andy helped me so much really, it’s completely different, I go out, I’m happy, I’ve got 2 interviews for work next week, and I’m losing weight. Life is just getting better. Other therapists I’d had couldn’t do what he did for me, so I reckon people should see him if they need help,cause my problems weren’t even PTSD but he still helped me. Thank You Andy.


I had the privilege of spending 5 days with Andy Eckley very recently. We had a lot of work to do in a relatively short space of time. Until we did my timeline which spanned 39 years I knew I had PTSD but was still confused why at times it was still so debilitating.I soon found out!! We worked hard, used Click tracks, which I can't recommend highly enough but my favourite part was "Bear" work with the EFT Tapping Bears. I know it sounds like I was having way too much fun, and yes I did mostly enjoy the process but it wasn't all plain sailing!!

Since I left Andy and Kathryn's, MANY things have happened which really would've had me in a big panic before, now I have so many tools to use I have coped with one of the most stressful weeks of my life and better still I have come out of it with a smile on my face and a spring in my step. I am going to keep in touch and once the next big thing is out of the way (my wedding!) I will be making some decisions about how I will be spending the rest of my life. I have a sneaking suspicion that PSTec and EFT will be in there somewhere. Watch this space!! And another HUGE Thank You to Andy for being there, it has made all the difference! God Bless x


Hello Andy,
I just wanted to do two things,first of all to thank you so much for helping me overcome all the pain,loss and utter grief that has paralysed me for years- I know for sure that I could not have made it through without your persistence and support, and secondly to encourage others to trust you and to go and see you for help if they were anything like me.
I should be honest about just how over the top sceptical and just so suspicious of you I was: even when I met you because I couldn't really get my head around the idea that you really could help me work through my grandmother's death,I think that her death just worsened the PTSD and so I had no hope- just nothing left. I was so very negative, unsure-in case you were a fake or just money grabbing...sad really isn't it that I could not perceive you for what you are but this is where I was at and I just should be straight about it. I am however, so very grateful that you pushed through my grief,bravado and the PTSD trauma, to reach me where I was... simply at my most vulnerable... one thing I noticed, and have recalled with some amusement, is how you never gave up on me and for that...well there are no words worthy of your kindness,goodness and professionalism. Thank you, is I guess,so weak in the light of where I have come from in just 5 days of your programme, but I know now that you will understand that my feelings are sincere. Quite frankly I feel a bit silly for having not properly received what you have tried to say on your site,but I guess my pain would not allow me to see straight. There was no way that I thought I would be feeling hopeful,seeing a way to live life and yet here we are Andy, and I'm out the other side.

I can certainly confirm that the success you promised kind of sneaked up on me whilst we worked together in a way that was imperceptible at first...this type of healing and robustness that has returned to me had left me long ago and it just came on back and I feel absolutely amazing. I'm so happy and smiling.... and more importantly it's on the inside-where others can't even see it all! My relatives noticed the differences after only 2 days with you(before we had really got on to the toughest stuff I had to deal with) whilst I was talking on the mobile to them and I wasn't even talking about you or the clearing programme yeah, things have changed so much that my life is not just incomparable with what has gone before- its just so damn good it's like someone else is living in this body: You could say Andy, that it is taking me more time to get used to than it has for you to do the clinic with me and deal with it all!! I'm in shock-the good kind of shock though... especially at what you have accomplished in both what you do and the way you do it- the way you share it all,indeed,spend it all upon others. I did not know that such a selfless,reliable and no-egotistical therapist existed in the U.K.
There is no more appropriate way to write this all Andy because you deserve the credit for who You are: really, really, gifted and knowledgeable and boy am I a happy bunny that you spent all that training and stuff you went through on me!

Secondly,I am indebted to you to such a degree,that I want to write this for anyone who might see it, for anyone who like me was cynical, hurt, un-trusting, scared and unbelieving of the material and claims you make on the website. Just do it! Go to Andy! don't give in or up, and stop thinking even for a second that he is either unqualified, mad or bad, because having done it I can tell you after seeing G.P.'s therapists etc... he is the dogs *******, he knows how to help you and can do it faster than you can possibly accept or imagine, He and his therapy are not too good to be true...only TOO GOOD TO BE MISSED!!!!
Thanks again Andy, warmest wishes and thanks,


This will be a long review, but it will be thorough on my part, please read it if deciding whether to visit Mr Eckley.

Before I lay out my thoughts for individuals, visiting this website to read, I wish to be as candid as I may, about my own background and agenda, after all everyone presents their own perspective of Andy and it is coloured in tone by who they have become; what has moulded their ideas and their experience. Therefore, beginning with one’s own influences one is avoiding the conclusion that your own perspective is either the only one or the ultimate one. This is quite important (within my own mind-set), because I usually think it increases the likelihood of being informed and ready to weigh more accurately, whether one can receive something written about someone else, as measured or balanced. Therefore, I share the following with you…

My particular approach to life and its challenges is, heavily influenced by my first degree at Oxford University and the subsequent degrees achieved at various prestigious institutions in the U.K. ; fundamentally ensuring that I definitely have both an analytical and critical view of most things. Therefore, my contribution to what is written about Mr Eckley and his clearing programmes, needs to be understood and engaged within the light of my former caveat; I am naturally sceptical and not too fond of people, systems, or institutions that make, or appear to make, wide sweeping claims about anything. The latter fact is true because when I engage any aspect of science or experience I seek out evidence and proofs for things claimed and I do not by nature or culture just accept something as true or correct because someone says it is so.

Furthermore, I am not an armchair critic, who is absorbed in escapist books/ideas, neither am I someone who believes that the usual methods of approaching a particular problem are always the best. I have however, been active in investing in the wellness of others… employed as a counsellor of vulnerable individuals, worked for some years variously with the homeless, addicted and individuals you could describe as receiving or in need of receiving psychological treatments. I should also be clear in explaining that I am not simply a “do-gooder” but have studied at graduate level both psychology and psychotherapeutic methodologies and their practice in particular professional settings. Naturally, this does not make me an expert, neither do I claim any particular specialism in one of these disciplines but I do have qualifications in them and I have worked and trained for 4 years in palliative care chaplaincy, and for 5 years in ecclesiastical settings too. Nonetheless, though I am no expert, neither am I a mere novice in being able to assess other types of methods in treating traumatized or vulnerable persons. So, now I can write what I wanted too….

Between the ages of 11 and 18 as a young boy in his most formative years, I was sexually abused and that abuse was violent, it was terrifying and the perpetrator did much more damage to me than anything purely physical could accomplish. Isolated and alone my coping mechanisms could only be unhealthy. The frequency and overall duration of these events ensured that although very damaged I threw all my energies into making sure that I did all I could to help the vulnerable in life, to protect and “heal” others. However, as anyone who knows about these things can tell you, you have to do your own interior work, in order to be free to help others. I did not shirk that latter wisdom or responsibility and I spent years on and off in the “system” of various NHS and private therapies in the U.K., sadly nothing I gave myself to accomplished success. I used all my self-knowledge to “get out of the way” of my own healing but still the same anxiety’s and symptoms I would later discover was PTSD.

After my last bout of group therapy (2 years), I came across Andy Eckley’s web site but even more despondent and frustrated than ever. I used all my previous knowledge to actually write his offers of help off, to disparage his approach to PTSD: after all he did indicate he could help someone in days! (just recall what I wrote about sweeping statements) However, the more I found out about Mr Eckley the more I uncovered about his reputation for putting his money where his mouth was, so to speak. I discovered that he is an expert and tutor to other Therapists in his own techniques and that other previously sceptical therapists are using his methods because they are also getting great results. Therefore, after being the ultimate personification of “The Sceptic”, I knew there was no other way to know than to go and visit him to see if he could help deliver success and healing that had eluded me all these years. To be frank, I found him to be astute and subtle in dealing with my rubbish attitude and my cynical approach to doing those things I thought were too simple to be effective. He was definitely not patronizing, or in “therapist speak” mode, he was not clock watching, he did not appear shocked, dismissive, judgemental, or in any way intrusive, and he made me feel safe and worked at my pace. Andy Eckley’s method was just so professional and it just does not bare comparison with what I have received before. He readily explained when I wanted it: his methods within the context of our work and made himself available whenever I needed extra assistance.

I was evidently in for the biggest surprise of my life- my symptoms reduced massively in 5 days, I was sleeping, the flashbacks and nightmares all gone…the list of symptomology reduction goes on. In just 5 days, it felt like my own inner “Berlin Wall” had collapsed. Mr Eckley kept testing the results I was achieving to make sure it was real, and gradually I began to realize that all the tools he had been helping me to learn were practically ridding me of these emotional triggers and traumas and that I could not really explain this fact away. He was calm, gentle and sensitive: in therapy, I can only say he was a Master!

Why do I think this? Well you try having years of therapy, same dreary, pain-filled- inner existence and then this… less than a week of help and have your health back in ways you didn’t know was possible. I went back home to all the same triggers of trauma but now no distress, and by using his techniques on my own, I have been able to be well enough to return to the scene of my abuse without issues/distress. Now I’m not advocating this for anyone else as it’s so personal but I also feel so well that I have chosen (without advice or suggestion/discussion from Mr Eckley) to stop my group therapy because I’ve found it personally, to be so unproductive by comparison. Instead of sitting in silence and note-taking Mr Eckley enabled me to wipe out the destructive power and influence of emotionally charged events and current ones that were causing me similar distress. So, there was my evidence, my proof, it was not in a book, scientific journal, DNA sample, but in my experience. Therefore it is subjective proof of Mr Eckley’s clearing programme- because it is necessarily experienced, but also it is objective proof because I was hyper alert, critical and evaluative (cautious and reflective). My evidence (results) were/are quantifiable: I do not suffer any longer! Therefore, I can thoroughly recommend Andy Eckley’s clearing programme and vouch for its success personally. I cannot think why one would not read this and conclude that they should go and see him if they need this sort of help! It just doesn’t make sense to go on without this brilliant help It stopped me feeling so low that I wasn't sure I would be around much longer, if it can work for me-it will for you.

If you read this Andy, Thank you so much for all your help and kindness.


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